Cooltweak 2.0

Resize, add watermarks and share your pictures on social networks!
2.0.0 (See all)

Sharing your pictures is a essential feature of COOLTWEAK, that's why a new sharing wizard has been added to save you a lot of time.
With it you'll be able to connect, create albums, edit your photos properties, geolocate them and then publish them online.
Enjoy mass editing features to set all your files properties at once, adding a copyright in the caption of all your files won't be a pain anymore. In addition to Facebook, Picasa/Google+ and Twitter, COOLTWEAK now also supports Flickr and

The menu editor has been entirely reviewed and redesigned to get more intuitive and more efficient.
With this improved user experience, add and modify your menus very quickly and so easily.
Many new features have appeared in the Output Options tab.
The renaming patterns panel has been widened and the user interface will help you to properly use them.
Another handy innovation is the ability to choose how your pictures will be compressed and easily customize their final properties.

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